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Pisco Mixed Drinks

Cocktail preparation is a product of inspiration at heart. It takes creativity and a true passion, along with exceptional premium Pisco to produce beautiful and delicious mixers that connect us with their bouquet and taste. Using Pisco to create a cocktail allows the mixer versatility due to its different types and variety of grapes. Let's keep discovering it...The magic is in our hands and passion in our hearts!
  • Pisco Sour
Method: Shaken
Glassware: 5 ounce glass
Ingredients:Mixed Pisco Sour
- 1.5 ounce of Pisco from Quebranta grapes
- 1 ounce of lime juice
- 1 ounce of sugar syrup
- 1/4 of egg white
- 3 ice cubes
- 3 drops of "angostura bitter"
Preparation: Shake all ingredients in the cocktail shaker and serve in the glass previously chilled. Decorate with "angostura bitter"
  • Pisco Point
Method: Direct
Glassware: Martini glass
Pisco Point Drink- 1 ounce of Pisco from the Mollar grape
- 1/4 ounce of Averna (italian bitters)
- 1 ounce of apple liqueur
- 4 ice cubes
- 1 lime slice
- Star anise
Preparation: Pour all ingredients in a mixer container and chill. Stir with a spoon from 8 to 10 seconds. Pour into previously chilled glass and decorate with a slice of lime or star anise.
  • Pisco Punch
Method: Refreshing fruity
Glassware: 16 ounce curved glassPisco Punch
- 2 ounces of Pisco from Quebranta grapes
- 3 ounces of prepared pineapple syrup
- ½ ounce of lime juice
- 1 Tahiti lemon
- 1 orange
- 1 chopped pineapple
- Pineapple syrup ingredients:
- 1 Golden pineapple
- 650 grams of white sugar
- 1.4 liter of water
Preparation: Pour in a mixer container all ingredients. Chill stirring a spoon from 8 to 10 seconds. Pour in the glass previously chilled.  Decorate with a slice of lime and star anise.
  • Celebrity
Method: CrushedCelebrity Drink
Glassware: Champagne glass
- 8 raspberries
- ½ ounce of lime juice
- ½ ounce of sugar syrup
- 2 ounces of Pisco from Torontel grapes
- ¾ ounce of apple liquor
- Little bit of silver powder
Preparation: Place the raspberries, lime juice and sugar syrup in a mortar. Crush until all fruit is crushed. Pour it into a shaker. Add the rest of ingredients and ice cubes. Shake and strain into the glass.
  • Chiricolada Popcorn
Method: BlendedChiricolada Popcorn
Glassware: Served in a popcorn box
- 6 ounces of Pisco from Albilla grapes
- 3 ounces of orange juice
- 1 gram of xanthan gum
- 250 grams of custard apple
- 125 grams of coconut cream
- 1.5 ounce of coconut milk
- 1 charge of N2O
- 1 siphon of whipped cream
- Liquid nitrogen
Preparation: Blend the Pisco, orange juice and xantham gum until the mix denses out. Add the rest of the ingredients. Place the mix in the siphon and charge with N20. Shake and refrigerate. Once it cools off, place the foam through the liquid nitrogen until it hardens. Then with a spoon, break it off until getting popcorn shape. Gather the cocktail with a strainer and serve.
  • Pisco SunrisePisco Sunrise
Method: Direct
Glassware: Highball Glass
- 8 ice cubes
- 2 ounces of Pisco from Acholado grapes
- Orange nectar
- ¼ ounce of grenadine syrup
- 1 star of orange with red cherry for decoration
Preparation: Place the ice in the glass and pour the Pisco. Add the orange nectar and grenadine syrup. Decorate with orange and cherry.
  • Pisco Tiki Cocktail|
Method: Two times (shaken and direct)Pisco Tiki Cocktail
Glassware: Jar
- 1 ounce of Pisco from Quebranta grapes
- 1 ounce of Pisco from Acholado grapes
- 1 ounce of Falernum
- ½ ounce of lime juice
- 2 ounces of craft ginger beer
- Ice as needed
- 1 slice of dehydrated orange
- Mint leaves
Preparation: Place the ice in a shaker and pour the two Piscos, the Falernum and the lime juice. Shake hard for 8 seconds. Pour it in a jar that has crushed ice to the top and add the craft ginger beer. Stir the mix. Decorate with the orange and mint leaves.

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