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The Versatility of Pisco

Happy Pisco DrinkersPisco is an extremely versatile spirit that one can enjoy pure, in cocktails and even in the kitchen as a luxury ingredient.  

Quick reminders for connoisseurs, as we are facing an approximately 42 proof alcohol, learn to enjoy it slowly.  I’m sure you will discover a myriad of aromas, flavors and sensations that fascinate.

There are several ways to drink it pure. For example, at room temperature more intense aromas come out at every sip; giving a rich heat as it is sipped.

Fortunately, there are now more and more creative bartenders, and bartenders who are passionate for this distillate.

Pisco DessertThe pairing with Pisco is a whole world to discover. The choices are many – with desserts, chocolates, cigars, etc.  For example, a lemon pie weds sublimely with the Pisco Italy grape because both have clear citrus People enjoying Piscotouches. The Pisco Moscatel grape, which has marked hints of roses, vanilla and peach fits deliciously with a dessert of apple custard. In the pairing with cigars also you find, as with desserts, a series of sensations aimed at pleasure.

Finally, Pisco is a luxury ingredient in the kitchen and can magnify any food preparation.  But as with cocktails, one must know it and use it to mix properly.

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