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Pisco and Fusion Cuisine

Pisco made in foodLiqueurs and spirits are linked in the kitchen. Kirsch is key when making a good fondue, rice with shrimp can be prepared with tequila, brandy is excellent with sirloin and Pisco.

The versatility of Pisco has given it characteristics as a distillate that can be present in the preparation of any dish.  Furthermore, it has an excellent degree of alcohol for marinating meats and making flambe. For these reasons, expert chefs share their recipes based on their knowledge, experience, and affection for Pisco.

The success of a recipe depends on the quality of the ingredients and the correct application of cooking techniques. Pisco, with its abundance of aromas, becomes an ally to making a delicious meal. Thus, a red meat marinated for a few hours with Pisco absorbs the delicious characteristics, resulting in enriched fragrances and flavors. Without a doubt, a stellar meat dish.

Pisco is a distillate rich in sugars. Thus when a flambe is performed, the alcohol evaporates and provides a wonderful caramelized finish. Use it in sauces as a feast for the senses, because besides the aromas and flavors, it provides a special smoothness, almost velvet.

In the kitchen, as an ingredient, our distillate moves from sweet to savory. The secret is in the quality of Pisco, which will make the rich flavors stand out and ensure a pleasurable meal.

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