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PiscoWorld's vision is to work with very selective Peruvian Pisco producers, sommeliers, chefs, and Pisco lovers to make premium Pisco available everywhere in the world. In doing so we seek to educate consumers to the 500-year old heritage, its prestigious brands; its versatility as a distilled spirit, and in its unique and vast cocktail and culinary culture.

PiscoWorld is a US based sales and marketing firm with offices in Texas and in Lima, Peru dedicated to import, sell, market, and promote quality premium Pisco brands in the United States, Europe, and in other global markets.

  Jose Crovetto

Jose CrovettoCo-Founder of PiscoWorld – Jose was Born in lima, Peru where he developed his passion for Pisco working with his uncle Jorge Crovetto, who ran a family owned Pisco production. Jose has lived in Spain since the year 2000 where he founded and managed Deli-Gourmet, a transportation and import business in Madrid and Mallorca, which included selling and distributing Pisco products. Jose’s passion for Pisco and his eagerness to learn the Pisco industry has made him a recognized Pisco connoisseur in several circles within Europe and Peru.

Jose moved from Mallorca to Lima on September of 2014 to establish and manage the office of PiscoWorld-Peru.

Lucero Villagarcia

Lucero VillagarciaLucero's love, passion, and contribution to promote and educate the world on the culture of Pisco is nothing less than extraordinary.  Over the last several years Lucero has travelled all over the world participating as a keynote speaker in international conferences and taste testing events in Peru, the  United States, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, as well as in Europe such as Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Holland.  More recently, Lucero was invited by the Government of Peru to be a keynote speaker in China on the topic of Pisco.

In 2014,  Lucero published her most recent book "La Magia del Pisco"  which was sponsored by the university "Universidad San Martin de Porres". In 2015 Lucero's sensational book was recognized at the international Gourmand Awards as the best book of Distilled Spirits of Peru, and was the runner up for the best book in the world in its category.  Other books Lucero has written on Pisco include the "Cata de La Guia Pisco Peru", which is sponsored by Mixmade.

Lucero currently lives in Lima, Peru where she works as a professor at the prestigious universities of "La Universidad de Piura", "Universidad del Pacifico" and at the internationally recognized cuisine school "Escuela de Alta Cocina d' Gallia".  Lucero also serves as the President of the Peruvian Association of Sommeliers - APSOM, and as the  National Sommelier of Pisco for Peru.


Francisco Callegari

Francisco CallegariCo-Founder of PiscoWorld - Francisco was born and raised in Lima, Peru and has lived in the United States since 1982. Francisco’s business experience have been primarily in the information technology sector working as an executive on multi-million dollar business development and technology deployment initiatives for global U.S. based companies such as Texaco, Microsoft, and Furmanite Corporation.

Francisco has an MBA degree in Finance and International Commerce from the University of Saint Thomas and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Houston. Francisco lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Patti and their twin daughters Ann Marie and Claudia.

Ivan Rimach

Ivan RimachVice President Sales, PiscoWorld - South Central Region - Peruvian born and raised, Ivan Rimach has been living in the States for the last 16 years and has worked in the restaurant business for 19. Bartending in the best restaurants and bars; He thoroughly understands the demands of the industry, and the needs of the business.

Since the beginning of his time working in the restaurant industry here he has been looking for the “right” Pisco to make a household name in the United States.

The Venture between Ivan and PiscoWorld has opened a broad opportunity for the market and for the consumers. He truly believes in offering an honest quality Pisco to the U.S. Market.

Liz Payne

Liz PayneVice President Sales, PiscoWorld - South West Region -  Liz joined Piscoworld as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the Southwest Region.   Liz is a successful owner and established entrepreneur in the equine and pharmaceutical sales business.   

A few years ago, Liz was introduced to the delightful world of Pisco. Since then, she has become a student and a true connoisseur of this great South American Spirit. Her passion for the versatility of Pisco can only be matched by her love for horses. Liz’s experiences, skills, and insight are a result of a lifetime spent in the company of horses and horse lovers learning and teaching the value of “loyalty” and “partnership”.   

Liz is also a successful horse trainer and riding instructor at her 60-acre Unity Equestrian Center at Sugar Grove Farm in Italy, Texas where she lives with her daughter Lynnette and her family.

Katy Berkhout

Katy BerkhoutVice President of Marketing, PiscoWorld - With more than 15 years and a broad understanding of both digital marketing and traditional communication vehicles, Katy brings PiscoWorld her experience, knowledge and passion to effectively communicate the message and create awareness worldwide.

Katy's new-found taste for Pisco, combined with her history and experience of successful solutions, gives her the inspiration to help make PiscoWorld.com a success.

Katy has a BFA in Design Communication from Texas Tech University. She resides with her son Blake in Dallas, Texas and in her free time enjoys wake surfing, yoga and playing with her Boston Terriers.

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